Sunday, July 30, 2017

Ella + Mila "Beach Resort Blue" Swatch and Review | #SwatchSunday

Hello everyone!

Today I have a #SwatchSunday post for you guys! I feel like it's been a while since I did my last one, and I really want to have these as a regular thing on my blog every Sunday.

I recently received a few new nail polishes from Snail Vinyls! They are stocking tons of new items in their store, including a few nail polish brands. One of them is Ella + Mila, and I have always wanted to try their polishes! For the next few #SwatchSunday's I'm going to be reviewing some of their polishes for you all. :)

If you're interested in purchasing this polish or any other products from Snail Vinyls, don't forget to use my code NAILSBYERIN for 15% off!


This is Ella + Mila "Beach Resort Blue", a beautiful sky blue creme. In person, I think it has a slight minty green undertone. It's perfect in two coats, and I applied a layer of Seche Vite top coat to add some more shine.

One thing that I noticed when I was applying this polish is that the brush is more stiff than I expected. It's not the worst thing, but sometimes it did make the polish more awkward to apply. Maybe it's just me, though!

The color itself is beautiful. It's right up my alley! I think I'll definitely be working this into my summer nail color rotation.

I hope you guys found this review helpful, and I hope you're excited for more Swatch Sunday posts in the future!


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  1. What a beautiful nail color is this. Can i buy it? I like the polish to the nails. This post is very well written. I am looking forward to more of it. Great work mate!