Sunday, December 4, 2016

LVX Bordeaux Swatch and Review | #SwatchSunday

Hi everyone!

Today I have another #SwatchSunday for all of you. Finally! This week's review is on a polish from one of my favorite brands, LVX. 

This gorgeous polish is LVX "Bordeaux". Here I'm wearing two coats with a layer of top coat. "Bordeaux" is a deep wine-red creme. Perfect for this time of year!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Easy Santa Suit Nails

Hello everyone! Happy December! 

I know that I have been gone for way too long, and I apologize for my little hiatus. 

Some of you might remember that I am in my first semester of college, so I spent some time focusing on schoolwork and getting acclimated to the change and my nail art went on the backburner for a while. Not to mention pretty much all of my nails broke in the past month or so, and I have been spending forever growing them out.

Now that it is officially the Christmas season, I decided to kick off the month with some Christmas nail art! This is a design that I did four years ago for Christmas 2012, so I decided to re-do it. This design is so popular now and has been done by so many artists, but it's so easy and fun.