Monday, July 28, 2014

Ariana Grande 60's Inspired Nails

Hi everyone!

A few days ago Salon Perfect sent me some of their polishes from their new collection called "Top of the Class"! The collection is divided into 3 parts that were each inspired by a different decade: the 60's, 70's, and 80's.

60's: "Nailed by the Mod Squad"
70's: "70's Disco Divas"
80's: "Totally 80's"

The first polish that really inspired me is part of the 60's "Nailed by the Mod Squad" section. It is called "Spot On" which is a topper with black and white circular glitters. 

The first thing that popped into my head when I saw it was, "Wow, that really reminds me of Ariana Grande's "Problem" music video..." And from there I did this design inspired by the outfits and backgrounds in the music video.
I love Ariana Grande and her music, so I am so excited about this design!


I'm wearing "Spot On" on my pinky and middle finger over Essie "Cascade Cool". I used Salon Perfect "Sugar Cube" and OPI "Black Onyx" to do the swirl and checker design. I topped this all off with Salon Perfect Crystal Clear top coat, which, if you read my last blog post, you will know that I really have been loving. It dries in 5 minutes and has no smudging! (And that's saying something with a black and white design)

I really like "Spot On" and I love the fact that it can be worn over any color nail polish. The only thing that I have to mention is that this isn't a polish that you can just paint over it with one swipe and it looks like it does in my picture. I placed the glitters rather than using the brush because unfortunately the brush doesn't really get a lot of the glitters out of the bottle. I had to drip some on a makeup sponge to absorb the base and then I used a dotting tool to place the glitter how I wanted. So as long as you are fine with having to do that when using this polish, then I would definitely recommend it!

This collection will be available in Walmart stores in August, and each of the polishes are about $4! In my opinion, that is an amazing price for really great quality nail polish.

Thanks again to Salon Perfect! :) <3

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DISCLAIMER: The "Top of the Class" collection was kindly sent to me by Salon Perfect to try and to review. I am not being paid to use these products. All opinions expressed on these products are my own. I only post honest reviews for you all. <3

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